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Condo Insurance

If you own a condo, and need to file any type of a claim, the prospect of replacing

all your possessions, fixing busted appliances, or paying others' injury bills is pretty daunting.

As with all types of insurance coverage, it helps to have some backup.

Condominiums occupy a special category in real estate, so they have their own unique insurance.

Unlike the HOA policy, which is already in place when you buy your condo,

unit owner coverage is the policy you have to buy for yourself.

The right condo insurance policy will work hand-in-hand with your homeowners association's (HOA)

insurance to make sure you're financially protected from loss, damage, theft, and unforeseen expenses.

You can get dependable condo insurance to protect your personal belongings,

liability, and much more with the help of our experienced agents.

Every policy is designed to offer you affordable coverage and flexible payment options.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

​​To really feel secure about protecting your assets and your future, you may need the extra level of protection provided by a personal umbrella liability insurance policy.


An umbrella policy provides additional layers of liability protection. If the liability limits are exhausted on your home, auto, or other underlying insurance policy, your umbrella insurance policy takes over and provides you with additional protection.

The cost is minimal compared to the comfort of knowing you’re covered.


Imagine what would happen if your child was to accidentally harm a neighbor’s child,

or if there was an accident on your rental property.

What would happen if a fire in your condo spread to other units?

If any of these things ocurred, there’s a good chance your current liability limits

wouldn’t be adequate to protect your assets, or your future earnings.


Once the liability limits are exhausted on your home, auto, or other policy, your umbrella policy takes over and provides a second layer of protection of at least $1,000,000. Higher limits may also be available.

Contact us to determine the right amount of coverage for your needs.


An umbrella insurance policy also pays some claims not covered by your home, auto, or other underlying insurance. The policy covers not just you, but your spouse and all family members living in your household, anywhere in the world. Legal defense fees are also paid.

The right coverage for you is unique. Talk to us today to find out how to protect yourself, your family, and your future with the right personal umbrella insurance for you.

Flood Insurance

​​Flooding is the highest ranked natural disaster in the United States, according to FEMA. The flood insurance professionals at JTG Insurance Agency., specialize in flood insurance for residents and businesses in Florida.

Our mission as a Flood Insurance agency is to assist Florida residents with understanding the basics about flood insurance, including addressing the common misconceptions, and to help them with their flood insurance needs. There are 3 main misconceptions concerning flood insurance in Florida. They include:

  • Homeowners insurance covers flood risk. The fact is that homeowners insurance policies typically DO NOT cover flood damage, a point usually highlighted in bold letters on the first page of your homeowners policy.
  • Flood insurance policies are expensive. Actually, if your home or business is located in a Preferred Risk Zone as determined by FEMA, you can purchase flood insurance for as little as $129 per year.
  • Many homeowners think they don’t live in a flood zone. In reality, FEMA has designated the entire state of Florida as a flood zone with varying levels of risk.

The flood insurance specialists at Florida Flood Insurance, Inc. and its parent company National Flood Insurance, LLC, specialize in flood insurance, and possess extensive knowledge to assist with any of your questions or concerns. They act as direct representatives of FEMA and all flood insurance policies are processed through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Home Insurance

Home insurance, also usually called hazard insurance or homeowner's insurance (often abbreviated in the US real estate industry as HOI), is a form of property insurance that covers a private residence. It is an insurance policy that combines a variety of personal insurance protections, which can contain losses occurring to one's residence, its contents, loss of use (additional living expenses), or loss of additional personal possessions of the home owner, as well as liability insurance for incidents that may occur at the home or at the hands of the home owner within the policy territory.

Homeowner's policy is referred to as a multiple-line insurance policy, meaning that it involves both property insurance and liability coverage, with an undividable premium, meaning that a single premium is paid for all risks. In the US standard forms separate coverage into numerous categories, and the coverage provided is typically a percentage of Coverage A, which is coverage for the main dwelling.

The cost of homeowner's insurance often depends on what it would cost to replace the house and which supplementary endorsements or riders are attached to the policy. The insurance policy is a legal agreement between the insurance carrier (insurance company) and the named insured(s). It is a contract of protection and will put the insured back to the state he/she was in prior to the loss. Typically, claims due to floods or war (whose definition typically includes a nuclear explosion from any source) are excluded from coverage, amongst other normal exclusions (like termites). Special insurance can be purchased for these possibilities, including flood insurance. Insurance is adjusted to display replacement expense, typically upon application of an inflation factor or a cost index. We want to be your home Insurance agency in south Miami. Call now for a free quote: (305)563-4828

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